In a recent statement, Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali told property developers to be more open to using “disruptive technology” to transform the industry.

He said, “The government must find a way on how we can use these new disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data analysis to transform the housing eco-system in Malaysia which is developing today.”

“Therefore, developers in Malaysia should quickly adopt disruptive technology to begin transforming the housing sector as an answer to provide more affordable homes.”

In this aspect, community proptech hub, ADAPT and Global real estate firm IQI, already have a head start. Since 2017, ADAPT and IQI have been looking into and adopting the latest in proptech technology and practices, as a means to better serve their clients and empower real estate agents.

When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Christopher Tock, CEO of ADAPT PropTech Ventures said, “I was quite happy when I first heard about it. We at ADAPT strongly believe in the power of technology and what it can do in the real estate sector. We have been working hard to make the concept of proptech more mainstream here in Malaysia ever since we first started in 2017. It is encouraging to see that such an influential figure feels the same way and is working towards implementing the use of disruptive technology like proptech nationwide. Proptech is the way of the future; it will propel us towards a better tomorrow. Just as the Minister is working towards development and progress, ADAPT will continue to do so too.”

Kashif Ansari, Group CEO of IQI, also shared his thoughts with us; “History has shown that in order to progress, we must disrupt the status quo. The wheel allowed us to travel large distances, the industrial revolution brought us forward by leaps and bounds. Proptech is very similar; it will change the way we look at, deal with and build property, completely. This is why IQI has invested in the use of proptech technology and is actively pushing towards its widespread use. Datuk Seri Azmin realises this and so he is urging all of us to use disruptive technology. It can decidedly help the household sector in the long term. IQI believes in innovation, disruption and learning new things, because we know that these qualities are what is needed to progress. We can see great possibilities with this initiative.”

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