UK based online property portal, launched its very first AI, SuperAgent Amy, leading the way in reimagining the consumer’s hunt for property online.

Amy has been reported to be just as adept and capable as any other SuperAgent from, and some even say that she is more capable.

Among the first of her kind, testers of the AI have reportedly said that it was hard to differentiate Amy from her human counterparts. She is designed to be friendly, speedy, reliable and has been said to have outperformed some of’s star agents.  Amy is the pinnacle of new age and innovative technology that is being presented by Real World Tech Ltd,’s parent company. expects Amy will become a familiar voice and a household name in property search in the near future. So far, she has been gathering positive results with her fail-proof memory and her superior artificial intelligence. She has a perfect record of call-backs. With direct access to’s property database and search algorithms, she is able to respond to customer inquiries almost instantly, connecting property searchers to the relevant agents in a timely manner.

Sam Singh, the Founder and Chief Executive of, has this to say about Amy, “Amy is just another brilliant example of the future that comes from integrating intelligent AI technology within the real estate marketspace. Amy is smart, fast and reliable without missing out on those key human features customers come to expect in friendly & dedicated customer service.”

If you use to buy, sell or rent a property, don’t be surprised if you hear Amy’s voice answering you.