AR technology redefines our space and changes the way we look at the world.  Thanks to technology coming so far, augmented reality (AR) is becoming more widespread with each passing day. With the way we are going right now, it won’t be long until AR will become as normal and prominent as computers and smartphones.

Taking this to be our most likely future, let’s take a look at how AR will change the way we live our lives in the city.

  1. Urban Exploration

    Augmented reality is a perfect navigation tool which can be used by mobile devices and manufactured vehicles. It completely changes the way we move through the world. Imagine being able to see the fastest route to the food you want to buy in a supermarket or seeing the exact route to take from your home to a friend’s place, laid out before you as you walk or drive a car. Overlaying information that will lead you through an environment is how AR will revolutionise exploration.  You would never have to worry about being lost again.

  2. Smarter and Safer Commuting

    AR-enabled smart devices can help make commuting safe and efficient. With AR-enabled wearables and networked intelligent vehicles communicating with each other in real time, urban transportation will improve dramatically. AR gear can help drivers gain more situational awareness on roads, which will help in detecting potholes, general navigation and speed management. If you’re going too fast or there is danger ahead, your AR wearable will warn you well ahead of time, giving you a safer ride.

  3. Better Safety and Rescue

    One of the best uses of augmented reality will be in safety and rescue operations. With this technology, first responders may be presented with a detailed 3D map of the environment, giving them a better idea of a scene. It can also assist on-site manufacturing and construction workers. With AR-enabled smart helmets, workers can see relevant, actionable data where and when they need it.

  4. New Forms of Entertainment

    Augmented reality is flourishing the most in the entertainment and gaming industry. Games such as Pokémon Go by Niantic have made use of AR technology to show Pokémon in a real-world setting.

    AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, and the Meta 2 are turning our environment into digital interfaces, creating a new immersion experience for gamers.

  5. Home Decoration

    AR will give us a lot of fun and time-saving applications when you want to redecorate your home. Say you are thinking of buying a new sofa or table for your living room, but you don’t know what it will look like with the rest of the house. With AR devices you can get a 3D model of the same sofa or table and place it in AR space in your home to see how it will look. Should it face the television or the window? You won’t need to set it up physically and then change it if it doesn’t look nice, you can find out straight away in AR and then set the real thing up correctly the first time!

  6. New Shopping Experience

    AR will play a huge role in retail and omni-commerce space. With in-store AR, you can easily see information pertaining to a product as you see it in real life. Imagine holding a product in your hand and having all the information about it pop up before you. AR can also help eCommerce shoppers try out products they see online before they purchase the actual thing.  In the future, all stores will have 3D models that you can see and try out for yourself with the click of a button.